Minggu, 15 Juli 2018

A virus

Is it just me who getting tired of "kapan nikah?" Questions because it's everywhereeeeee.

And there were more of those when the question feature on Instagram was just appeared.

Like, why is everybody asking everybody when will they get married? And I'm like, goshhh you're only 20!. T-W-E-N-T-Y.

Your life is just about to begin. You just grown ups a little bit.

Can everybody relax and mind their own business? Do not rush everybody else because you rushed yourself.

Minggu, 20 Mei 2018

Times you have missed

Darkest lights, brightest stars, constellations.

Tears, laughs, anxieties.

Sabtu, 12 Mei 2018

No, it's not

And I'm sure about it.
It was nothing.

Jumat, 10 November 2017

Slow Down

You know when you get deep down into a song, like really.
I imagine myself sitting alone in a cozy coffee shop in the middle of Manhattan.
Sipping my iced coffee, watching the outside world behind the window.
The rain falls slowly, all the things goes slow.

And then the life called you, suddenly appears,
what is actually been stuck in your mind lately.
About this and that, about why and how.
And who, as the subject or object.
As me myself or anyone.

#NP Slow Down - Twiceyoung

Sabtu, 29 Juli 2017

Sweet eyes

I dont know how many times i fell into those sweet eyes.

I see people from their eyes, because it tells you everything.

I always curious what are they thinking while they staring at me or at anything, like I wanna know it. I want to know whats on their mind.

I am and i always curious about that.
I want to be a mind reader.
It sounds cool, yet scary.


No one read this blog.

I never told people about this blog ever since 2013.
Its just a blog that i only show with some people.
Every subject in all story.

Then if you suddenly bump to this page, and read all of my writings, or just some of them, you might be someone who means to me.

Just leave a sign.

Selasa, 25 Juli 2017

A round for somebody else

Laying here on bed
Dim the light and grab my favorite blanket.

Now I know,
That sometime we have to act like we dont know

Just live with it,
For a moment just accept it.

It will just be a moment to forget,
And i'm glad I will not regret.

Cause if its not for me,
Then mine will come next just be ready.

Sabtu, 22 Juli 2017

Pink skies, cotton candy clouds.

I like it when the sun goes down, the skies is slowly change its color. I am not a fan of magic hour, cause I like pink and red, but not orange.

I want to set my working table by the window. To see the little movement of everything down there. And of course that lovely pink skies.

I think I am feeling a little bit empty now. Like, empty.

So I hope I will see those pink skies more often.

Pink skies that i want to share with you.
To share the thoughts that deep in my mind. About the life and little things stucks there.
The thoughts that I only want to share with you.

Anyone you.

Selasa, 18 Oktober 2016

Triple post in just 1 day

I am happy with the fact that no one reads this blog.
Cause when i try ti read all the old post i think i am gonna throw up, like seriously.
How could i've been soooo dumb?
I accepted that i write that with my mind and memories. But, really? I am really sorry for myself.
I don't want to delete all that fool post, i just want to keep them, i want to read it when i get older.

There's so much to think about

Ya, i want to sya it again.
There's so much to think about.
Like, so much. I am just 20 now but why so many things running in my head right now. I feel like i want to grow up.

I am already grown up to 20 but this is just not enough. I want to fight for my life. I want to grow up and make everybody that i love happy.

My only dream for them is, to see them happy all day, everyday. And i want to be the reason for that.

Another story in the middle of 20

So this is what it feels like.

I dont know why almost all movies that i have watched, it was always talk about first love.
It feels like the universe trying to push me to think about that.

Mine, i dont even remember his face.
But the memories stays.
The moment when you ask me to go cycling around the cluster.
Protect me from bad boys.
Always play with me.
And remember at 10pm, we always sit in front of my gran ma's house to wait for the hotdog man passing by. We always order that hotdog whenever i visit my grand ma.
Your mom's dish which is very delicious, and also spicy.
Your little brother and yorue cute little sister.
What else? I cant remember it all.
Ah ya, that day.
When i want to give you a gift, it was my first gift for a boy.
You know, at that time the skull head necklace for boys is very happening in all elementary school (i guess).
Ya, i have brought it for you.
But when i have arrived in my grand ma's house. Youre not there, you were not live in there anymore.
So i just hold that necklace so tight and cry silently.
Oh really, do you know that feels, huh?
It was my first heart breaks, when i was 8.

Kamis, 10 Maret 2016

Back To The Days - |


20 yo girl who loves to sing and listen to music.
An observer, a secret agent wanna be-just a dream.
Emotionally engaged with music.

Music, spesificly songs. It’s like a time path for her. Everything that was happened in her life always has one song as the soundtrack.

Every song was special for her. Music calls out a memory that has been buried years and years ago in someone’s mind. But with just a single note, you can open your eyes and remember that moment.
It’s a psycology thing I think. Of course I am not that into psycology, but I know a bit about it. Yeah, just know the gesture when someone’s lying.

“Gravity.. is working against me” – John Mayer.

Day seems longer when she has nothing to do. Just laying in bed, set the headphone, set the most comfortable pillow, turn the whole room like a winter by her air conditioner,  a cute-soft-chic-comfy blanket, and a self pick newest playlist on her notebook. Voila! My day was set, no one will disturb me and get me out from this adorable zone.

*Knock knock*
“Anna, we’re gonna find something yummy now!”

Someone pretty yelling at the front door of her flat.

Gossssssh just a bit, wait.. this song is almost ov-

“Anna I don’t want to die here just because of you now! Come out and find something yummy to eat or I am gonna eat you!” Clare said.

Where that girl coming from oh God. OKAY. I surrender.

“Just wait oh you must be kidding me!” Anna said.

Anna is a new comer in the flat named Viennas. Located in somewhere in New York. The city of Taylor Swift in her mind-she labeled it with that. Anna and Clare is not studying in the same university. Clare is studying in Fashion Institue and Technology and Anna is in the Miami AD School. Her dream school.

Clare is her next door neighbor. Because Anna has an AB type of blood, she can get along with others nice and easygoing. So her friendship with Clare is very good like they have befriend for a long time. But they don’t stay in the same flat. Anna has paid for 6 month rent of the flat, and now was just in the 4th month. April 20th 2015.

To be continued.

Selasa, 15 Desember 2015

Rejected Memories

Time runs so fast.

there are memories,
that randomly appears.

suddenly comes,
and left a loneliness.

you, yes you.
the one who teach me many things.
when we have each other, we never think about being apart.
but when we loose one of us, i know how it feels.
to loose someone.

and left an empty space in me.

just one day,
if i come to that place one day before. everything will never be like this.

honestly, it hurts when i remember you.
my heart tells me to reject that.

First love,
doesn't have to be in a relationship,
that feeling, love.
it felt right after he was gone from my eyesight.
i know you were around. but i couldn't reach you at that time.

are you remember?
when you teach me to be brave.
protect me from what could be dangerous for me.

there are times when we wait for what we love, food.
our favorite food, comes right at 10 pm o'clock.
and we drown by our laughters.

the picture of you in my mind is slowly fade out.
i don't know if i can remember you for a long time.

Senin, 31 Agustus 2015

Feel like I want to delete my latest post. Cause it was just a mistake.

Kamis, 23 Juli 2015

Cause eyes reflects the real you

Those eyes. There's something that tells me to calm down, and it says " it's gonna be okay. I promise"

I don't know what refers to "it", but it tend to be 'somebody'. Like oneday we would be 'us', now everything is just for now and oneday it doesn't, everything will change and you will standing right next to me to be my shield.

Everything is just so complicated in my head now. I don't want to think about it all the time. Not just about him but also my whole life. I need some time, for me. /No, i just want to grow up. To be a woman who can face and solve every problem./

A picture says that when you found your someone. Nothing could tear you apart. Cause you have the ones you love who can keep your concistency.

I often watching movies. And couple of woman says that they don't believe in love. And i got the ending of every movie like that. She felt the love and changed her mind.

Love happens.

So, what is love?

Selasa, 07 Juli 2015

Just take a break, breathe, and think.

When things just out of your expectation.

There is always a  plan "B" for everything, although it calls "B" which is not the main plan, the point is still the same. A or B, they planned to go to the same place, same GOAL.

All I can do is just keep praying, more and more. Allah SWT will never give us something beyond our limitation. So, use this time to be a better person, to learn more and more.

There is something in my mind that keep telling me to believe, that one day, my plan will works the way I want.


Sabtu, 04 Juli 2015

Rasanya Diperhatiin tuh..

Seneng nggak sih kalo diperhatiin sama orang? apalagi orang - orang tertentu yg udah kita harapin buat merhatiin kita. Puas banget kan?

But wait, disini gue gak lagi ngebahas tentang aktifitas permodusan orang yang lagi PDKT, ataupun yang lagi di PDKT-in, hati lagi sepi jadi nggak kepikiran buat ngebahas itu haha.

Jadi yang mau gue bahas disini itu tentang tugas TTL (Through the line) dari dosen gue di kampus, itu temennya ATL (Above The Line) dan BTL (Bellow The Line). ATL itu media periklanan konvesional kaya TV, Radio, Koran, Majalah, dan BTL itu yang mensupportnya atau gak sekeliatan ATL, seperti sales promotion(diskon dll), personal selling, sirect marketing, event, online, dll.

Kata dosen gue, iklan TTL itu iklan yang ngikutin aktifitasnya target market kita, misalnya aktifitas sehari-hari target market kita tuh ngapain aja sih? terus media yg kita gunain, mereka nonton tv berapa kali sehari? megang HP jam berapa aja? ngeliat iklan seringnya dimana? nah! kita harus ngeriset dan menelaah target market kita dulu, misalnya yang sekarang seringnya tuh iklan di LINE. Sumpah gue aja jadi join di account officialnya LG gara-gara ngeliat iklannya tentang LG G4 di LINE Shopping, dan aktifitas promosi mereka tuh ya kereeen bangettt bikin pengen beli banget.

Nah di tugas TTL ini, Pak Catur sebagai dosen Strategi Media di kampus Polimedia tercinta ini ngasih brief ke gue dan kelompok, yang beranggotakan Adinda, Putri, Fahmi, Arbi, dan gue. Brief tugasnya itu tentang "Kampanye Visi, Misi Polimedia dan Ikrar Mahasiswa Polimedia" dan harus di media yang gak biasa, at least jangan cuma nempel poster ikrar aja.

Setelah brainstorming #ceilaaaah selama 2 kali, kita dapet 3 ide final yang kita realisasiin, ini dia :

1. Standing Poster Tengkorak Yang Inget Tugas

Mulia banget nih tengkorak inget sama tugas ahaha. Original idenya dari si Arbi nih.. Jadi ceritanya tengkorak ini tuh ngegambarin sosok mahasiswa polimedia (udah pasti yg cowok) karena mereka itu tipikal orang yang gak terlalu mentingin tugas, mereka suka nongkrong, terutama di kamar mandi cowok lantai 3 ini. karena iklan ini dipasang di wastafel kamar mandi cowok di lt 3. Jadi sosok tengkorak ini adalah anak - anak cowok yg sering nongkrong di toilet itu, kurang persiapan dalam perkuliahan, kurang disiplin, sejadi-jadinya deh.

The team (left to right) : Arbi, Rizqa (me), Fahmi, Putri, dan Adinda.

2. Free stickers on Vision and Mission Posters.

Etttt, ini bukan poster biasa loh. jadi kita bikin poster visi dan misi polimedia dalam bentuk poster dengan seni tipografi, yaaaa ngerekayasa atau nyusun beberaapa jenis huruf jadi lebih menarik dibandingkan dengan paragraf biasa. kenapa kita pake tipografi? karena Polimedia itu kan kampus seni yang anak - anaknya suka "nyeni" atau suka bikin karya - karya gitu deh anak - anaknya. Jadi kita menghindari yang biasa - biasa aja disini.
Nah, di pojok kiri dan kanan poster itu ada mini box yg bertuliskan  "take this" yang berisi seticker mini visi polimedia dan sticker satunya itu misi polimedia.

Kenapa sticker?
Karena di Polimedia ini mahasiswa/i nya adalah manusia maniak sticker, jadi mereka suka banget ngoleksi stiker, entah itu stiker quotes-quotes, brand-brand personal temen - temen mereka, sticker event-event kampus, sticker apalah banya pokoknya. dan mereka itu suka banget nempelin sticker itu di LAPTOP MEREKA, banyak deh kalo ke polimedia kalian bisa nemuin banyak laptop yg berstiker gitu, selain laptop, mereka juga nempelin di binder, helm, motor, pintu ruang kelas, pojokkan whiteboard, sampe ke HP mereka (emang rada-rada).
Nah apalagi stickernya gratis, siapa yg gak mau ngambil coba?

Medianya dimana? atau lokasi nempel poster dan box stickernya dimana?
haha ini yg gue suka. Di sebelah kanan dan kiri persis tombol lift lantai  dasar Hall Polimedia Tower. which is the busiest place in Polimedia. Setiap orang yang mau ke kelas, ke ruang dosen, ke administrsi jurusan, bakalan nai lift dan pasti mau mencet tombol lift. dan apalagi kalau pagi-pagi pasti pada ngantri dan berkumpul buat nunggu lift kebuka. tempat ini prospek banget deh haha.

Satu lagi, kita masang semua iklan ini di minggu UAS. which is minggu dimana semua mahasiswa PASTI NGAMPUS. Hasilnya, sticker kami cepet banget habis dalam waktu kurang dari 2 jam!, dan kami selalu nge re-stock sampai 3 hari berturut-turut.

3. Speaking Stairs 
Bukan tangga yang kita kasih speaker jadi bisa ngomongin ikrar mahasiswa gitu haha. Jadi ini favorit part gue. Di Polimedia ini tangga Basement ke hall dan tangga hall ke lantai 1 adalah the busiest stairs di polimedia. setiap orang yang naik kendaraan dan diparkirin di basement pasti lewat sini. Jadi di tangga ini kita nempelin quotes gitu. kaya dibawah ini :


Dan alhamdulillah hampir setiap orang yg ngelewatin tangga ini memperlambat langkahnya untuk ngebaca dan bahkan ada yang mengabadikannnya dan menjadikannya Display Picture di BBM.

Nah apa hubungannya tugas TTL dan "Diperhatiin"?

Jadi, ini pertama kalinya gue dan tim mempublikasikan karya yang bertujuan selain untuk tugas, buat pengalaman juga. Dan ternyata, rasanya karya kita yang punya tujuan tertentu itu dilihat sama orang yg dituju, dan mereka bertindak sesuai dengan harapan kita, itu goals bangettt, seneng banget rasanya orang - orang bisa pake sticker kita dilaptop mereka, bisa sadar sama kuliah mereka. gitu deh pokoknya. pingin banget suatu saat nanti, beberapa tahun lagi, kita ber5 bersama-sama atau masing-masing bisa bikin iklan dengan ide original dan diterapkan di dunia nyata dan direspon sama target dan masyarakat, pasti seneng banget :) . Aamiin.

Kamis, 25 Desember 2014

Advertising, Dream, and the Plan


It's a big world, has a Big One Goal
with various way and type to reach 
various media and message
holding on a strong strategic

It's a type of life I live now. But, no. I think I haven't entered the real Advertising World yet. I mean now I'm just in the prototype cycle of it. Why I called it a prototype world? because now I'm just an advertising student, who knows advertsing from the mouth of the lecturers. Most of them is the expert of ads before they be a lecturer. I'm happy that they are that kind of person, it's true that they can effectively teach us with their experience and whole knowledge. And my favorite parts is when they can burn our spirits when they share their experience of making an advertisement, fight the hours of work, flow with the adrenaline itself, and joy their life at the pasca production of an ad. 

That was just a brief of what I feel. And here I am now, on a national holiday, stuck in my room with a notebook to surffing on 15 hours non-stop. I just want to get a new refreshment. And I was thingking about my time, next month what will I do?. And my brain was stopped at a point. "Internship" oh my GOD it just on the next semester! and i have to do something..

I just didn't want to go by the line of time. I want to do something planned. I don't want to give it away my first internship program. It's important to me. Because I haven't through the agency life yet. I'm a little bit nervous when thinking about this. And I started browsing about jobs and position on an advertising agency. But I wasn't very nervous when i remembered my dream. To be a Professional  Art Director. 

After I read them all on the internet. I've finally know the workflow, the positions, the job descriptions, and absolutely the step by step to be an Art Director. Even tough I'm not so sure. But I have to ask my lecturer about this soon, very soon.

Why I want to be an Art Director first? Why not to be a Creative Director? 
Because from some of the blog that i've read. At the first time, an Art Director who become a Creative Director is feel the different way of Art Director. They could feel the work of lead a team that didn't match with them is sucks. But by the time goes they have to accept them all. And they can be a good Creative Director. So, my first dream is to be an Art Director, after I reach that. I will think about to be a Creative Director. 

At last "Reach something is not with the headstart like in a Subways Surffer game, but we have to go through the step by step of it, for sure." - Rizqa Aulia S. 2014

Jumat, 19 Desember 2014


a love like that. i just wanted to feel that. 
how you walk through my door. Saw you walk in. 
How your eyes straight to mine. saw you did it
Your step, your pride.

i just want it all
how your hands will fit mine
how your voice sounds like, in my ears.
your voice, your soul.

but i just don't know
i just want to feel it all
i don't know your eyes
it seems strange before
before you touch my hand.
but when?

and.. you can just be in your own
doin' things you make me shy, make me smile
time that makes me closer to you, 
slowly but sure, and you can just touch my hand.

but i just don't know
i just want to feel it all
i don't know your eyes
it seems strange before
before you touch my hand.
and when?

i see you every single breath that i take, in my mind.
 but i don't know your  mind.
maybe it's just nothing. i can't read your mind.
but think it's right if i just pretend that, you see me now.

i just don't know
i just want to feel it all
i don't know your eyes
it seems strange before
before you touch my hand.
and hope you.. see me now. 


Sabtu, 16 November 2013

Jumat, 27 September 2013


Abstrak banget pikiran gue kalo mau ngejelasin soal kuliah disini, sebenernya enak, tapi tugasnya itu loooh . sebenernya tugasnya sama banyaknya kaya pas smk. tapi kalo sekarang rasanya gimana gitu, dari senin ke minggu berasa cepet banget. berasa maraton kan ujuk-ujuk udah senin lagi. oke, itu nggak enaknya, kalo enaknya tuh ya, sehari biasanya cuma ada 2 matkul, 1matkul 135menit, dan hari jumat cuma 1 matkul malah. kadang juga kalo dosen jam pertama gak masuk kita kelasnya bisa digabung langsung ke matkul kedua. jam sekitar jam set.11 aja udah bisa balik. etssss tapi gak tau kenapa gue rada males kalo kupu-kupu alias kuliah pulang kuliah pulang. kayanya anta banget gitu balik siang. tapi ya kadang pengennya langsung pulang kalo udah capek banget. nah kalo urusan balik kuliah ngapain itu ya paling UKM, ngerjain tugas di perpus, dan main sama temen haha. UKM, gue udah daftar di dua ukm, cinema sama fotografi, tapi gue tergoda buat masuk padus juga. katanya amel sama yosita sama yg lain sih enak disana kaya diajarin gitu. tapi bisa kena omel nyokap gue kalo ikut ukm banyak-banyak, nanti balik malem mulu haha. yaiyalah atuh ngumpul ukm juga jam 3 -_- kalo ngekos gapapa dah baliknya cepet. lah kalo masih pulang pergi kan capek. bisa ketiduran diangkot kan -_- seremmmmm. terus apalagi ya. soal crush. ya kaya biasa aja suka-sukaan junior ke senior. biasa aja ._. belom ada sesuatu yang seru bangt sih di kampus, masih flat -_- yang jelas gue gak nyesel ngambil Advertising, walaupun ospeknya mantep lain dari jurusan lain. tapi ttep gue punya mimpi besar di Advertising. yang bakal gue usahaan dan wujudkan. semoga tercapai dengan baik. aaamiiin ya Allah :)

Sabtu, 03 Agustus 2013

Miami Ad School, London, UK./ Miami, Florida, US.

One Day, I will be a student there. aamiin ya Allah.

Keep DUIT >> Doa, Usaha, Ihtiar, dan Tawakal.
Wish me luck guys :)

Rabu, 19 Juni 2013

Rabu, 22 Mei 2013





Senin, 16 Juli 2012

Happy+Sad Ending of BTI

'ayo ngumpul sekarang keburu pulang.' sent.
A new message
'ayo udah lengkap tinggal kamu doang nih.'

     Dengan segera aku bergegas menjauh dari suara-suara bising di depanku, panggung besar dan tribun yang penuh dengan manusia. aku berdiri dari bangku lipatku, membawa kamera dengan blitz yang menyebalkan karena tali kamera yang ku gantung dileher menarik hijabku dengan egois. mencoba keluar dari deretan kursi dengan orang-orang yang sedang asik duduk dan menonton acara di panggung besar itu. berulang kali kata 'misi' terucap, dengan buru-buru aku berjalan melewati kerumunan orang dengan dlsr di leher mereka, media, menerobos pintu masuk dan menjadikannya pintu keluar untukku.
     Aku berjalan di ruangan yang lebih kosong dari ruangan meriah tadi, aku berjalan lambat dan berkonsentrasi untuk mencaritahu apa yang aku rasa. aku merasa seperti ingin.. tertawa sekencang-kencangnya, tertawa yang dilanjutkan oleh teriakan menyesakkan.
     Mataku beredar saat sampai di pintu utama gedung Sasana Budaya Ganesha ITB, menengokkan kepalaku ke segala arah untuk mencari sesuatu. lalu konsentrasi pencarianku terpecah oleh sebuah suara ringan berlogat khas minang.

"riska! disini! kami disini!"

     Terlihat 4 orang yang sudah tidak asing lagi bagiku. dua orang perempuan yang sedang menyantap makanan boxnya yang telah tiba lebih awal dariku, lalu seorang laki-laki jangkung yang baru datang dan lantas duduk di sebelah perempuan satunya. aku duduk bersila dihadapan mereka semua.
     Lalu ada seorang laki-laki bertopi khasnya yang duduk bersila disamping salah satu perempuan itu.

"Ah Wid! tadi aku nyariin kamu, kamu bilang tadi kamu dibelakang aku pas aku cariin kamunya gak ada gimana sih!" mengobrol sambil Tos tangan kita dan mengambil nada bicara yang sumringah.
"Aku tadi salah orang, aku kira itu kamu, ternyata bukan!"
     Aku melihat matanya yang memerah.
"Kamu kenapa wid nangis ya? haha! iya itu nangis matamu merah banget berkaca-kaca gitu" menunjuk-nunjuk kerahah matanya yang memang memerah.
     Ketiga orang yang lain pun ikut seru melihat aku yang menjudge dia menangis.
     Lalu kami terdiam.
     Ditengah kediaman kami, aku berusaha memulai.
"Aku mau pulang." dengan nada terseret layaknya ombak air laut yang sedang pasang.
     Lalu seorang perempuan Papua berkata.
"Gak! gak boleh!" lucunya, ia berbicara seperti itu sambil memegang nasi boxnya ber ekspresi layaknya aku adalah anak jahat yang akan mengambil bekal makan siangnya. haha.
     Kami tertawa lepas saat itu.
     Lalu aku speechless. Apa yang harusnya kami lakukan si saat-saat seperti ini? ingin memeluk mereka, tapi tidak mungkin, dua dari mereka berempat adalah laki-laki, mau dibilang apa kami ini kalau berpelukan di tengah keramaian seperti itu.
     Nefi, yang aku rasa dia sedang menutupi sedihnya dengan memakan nasi boxnya dan mengobrol dengan kami.
     Laki-laki jangkung tadi yang duduk bersila di sampingku berbicara padaku, aku lupa dia bicara apa. lalu kita bersalaman untuk yang terakhir kalinya aku kira, tapi aku tidak berharap begitu. dan... matanya memerah! haha aku tertawakan dia yang mencuri-curi kesempatan untuk mengelap air mata yang masih menyangkut di matanya. ia terus-terusan menyangkal.
     Lalu canda terikat di antara kami berlima dengan eratnya.
     Aku berdiri, ingin memulai detik-detik terakhir kami saat itu.
     Ku peluk Nefi dan Veli dengan perasaan kalangkabut. senang karena telah dipertemukan dengan mereka berempat yang asing tetapi menyenangkan, sedih karena beberapa detik lagi kami akan berjalan sendiri-sendiri, mengingatkan kembali akan tali persahabatan yang terjalin selama lima hari belakangan itu, lima hari yang sudah seperti bertahun-tahun dalam mengenal mereka, menyayangi mereka.
     Mataku memerah, air mata terbendung di bagian bawah mataku. meluncur dengan cepat, dan dengan cepat pula ku hapus. aku tidak ingin ini menjadi sebuah kesedihan yang fatal.
     Saat-saat yang 'mahal' tersebut hampir habis, handphondku bergetar, guruku memintaku untuk segera ke mobil.
"Aku pulang ya."
"aku antar."
"gak usah."
"aku antar."
     Salahsatu dari kedua laki-laki itu mengantarku ke mobil, sampai aku bertemu dengan guruku.
     Kerumunan orang yang berlalu-lalang mengganggu pandanganku yang tertuju kepada mereka, empat orang yang tidak patut dilupakan, dan terhanyut oleh kesedihan, 'ambil positif saja ris!' motivasiku dalam hati.

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika.
Goodbye my friends. i'll miss you since the last word i'd told to you.  :')

Naser, Velizya, Nefi, Widnyana, Rizqa.

Jumat, 13 Juli 2012


Wanna be a food photographer ! yuhuuuuu~ enjoy this post ini karyaku, apa karyamu? #iklan

Walen Choco Soes, ueeenaaake reeeek :D
Chocodot, coklat isi dodol, yummy !
Pudding coklat dengan sirup marjan, chocolatos dan coki-coki, serta taburan dancow vanila, 5kali kelezatan dalam satu sendok haha
Bolu orange :D
Soto ayam with tauco sauce ;)
Cotton candy, atawa Gulali Rambut Nenek with krupuk , miss this food so much :)
Cotton candy/Gulali Rambut Nenek without krupuk haha
so, WDYT? is it YUMMY? is it making you feel HUNGRY? 
" FIGHT like a TIGER, and WIN like a CHAMPION "